Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Q: Is there any certain sizes that I must choose from?
A: No, all badges / signs are made custom, but as a guideline most badges are 1" x 3" or 1.5" x 3.5"
2. Q: Is there any certain color that I must choose from?
A: Well, there are a limited amount of colors that we can get, but there has never been a problem in the past matching colors that the company wants.
3. Q: Is there minimum number of badges / signs that need to be ordered?
A: No.
4. Q: Can we have our logo on the badge and if so where must it be placed?
A: Yes, you can have your logo on the badge and you can either give us the way you want it placed or let us give you some samples on different layouts with your logo.
5. Q: How do you put the logo on the badge?
A: We send it out to our wonderful artwork department to get it silkscreened on.
6. Q: What do you need for our logo to be silkscreened on?
A: We need either a black and white slick or a film transfer.
7. Q: When do you expect payment?
A: Within 15 days of receiving the order.
8. Q: How do we send you orders?
A: Either by fax, 954-746-9385, or mail, P.O. Box 450906, Sunrise, FL 33345. Also, please type your orders in 12 point or 14 point font to ensure that your order is processed quickly and accurately.
9. Q: Why can we not tell you a small order over the phone?
A: We used to allow this in the past, but it only lead to complicated problems; therefore, we now only take orders by fax or mail, and this way we have a hard copy of your order for your file.
10. Q: What is the turn around time?
A: Usually we can ship it out within a week.